NUBIAN PAGEANT SYSTEMS - An International African Cultural Pageant Franchise
Michael G. Freeman, Freemondo Productions
Producer of Nubian Pageant Systems' Theme Songs
Artist Summary: Genres: Jazz / R&B / World Artist
Bio: Guitarist, Composer, Songwriter and producer.  "Music is what I love.  Bands such as 'MIDNITE FLIGHT' & 'PROPHECY' are from where I developed all my skills.  I will continue to move forward and produce the very best I can."
To hear several tunes created by Mike please tap the pictured link, or:
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From Owners of Nubian Pageant Systems: Freemondo produced all three international cultural pageant theme songs - "Mother of Mankind" for our women's pageants, "Father of Mankind" for our men's pageants & "Show Us The Way" for our children's pageants.  We are forever grateful to this talented & Fantastic "Music Man."