NUBIAN PAGEANT SYSTEMS - An International African Cultural Pageant Franchise
African Cultural Display\Exhibit in Maui, Hawaii,
February 2012
This print, from the Nubian Pageant Systems collection and further explained below, has been submitted to the facebook repository page of "Jadili Africa," an excellent place where one can get a pictorial flavor of our rich present day African Diaspora--because it accepts relevent prints from sources throughout the world, that in a sense makes our world smaller.  This site speaks for itself, but we consider it to be one of our most favorite sites that continues to represent a valued collage repository of thousands of prints (with captions). After perusing our flavored NPS site, please kick-it over to this noted facebook page to experience this additional rich taste...,
To view the Jadili Africa facebook page, tap our below print.
Portraits of some of our giant African Leaders in America:
Mother Rosa Parks, Father Frederick Douglass and Father Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr. 
Great Africans in America: