Wellness “Coach Rainey”


Aloha from Wellness Coach Rainey!

     I am introducing myself and checking to see if You (or others you know) want to feel better, have more energy, rid toxins in your body, or just improve health issues for the better?

     You are invited to consider my new natural product known as our system that also aids in weight management.  No diet!!  No exercise!! It is awesome!  I love having a flatter tummy, a strong immune system, maintaining my healthy weight and lifestyle, and fitting in my jeans comfortably!!!!!  My site is at www.myxyngular.com/coachrainey/… I am reaching out to help you and those you know.  We have to be in control of our health and have our doctors help us get off these meds with their side effects!  I don’t take anything except natural nutrition and I am now in the 70’s Club!

     You may order the Ultimate, Ignite, or Core System for starters!  (Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which no one ever uses, as our products are so wonderfully effective we believe you will be totally satisfied!) It helps you in many ways for improved health and cleansing too!  Simply awesome!  You know how people always want to lose a few lbs. and don’t know who to turn to…well Coach Rainey with her expertise is here with a totally natural system in a package called Xyngular!  And when you use my products, I coach you free of charge!  It will be a fun and healthy lifestyle changing experience.


Coach Rainey aka Terri Rainey
Nutritional Consultant and Certified Herbalist
Website: www.myxyngular.com/coachrainey/
Cell: 714-305-2128
E-mail: terrirainey2003@yahoo.com